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 Game Master Commands for Mangos

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Game Master Commands for Mangos

[MANGOS] Server

Syntax: Checks Your Account Gm Level.

Syntax: Shows All The Availble Commands You May Use.

Syntax: Dismounts You From Your Mount.
NOTE* Must Be On A Munt To Work.

Syntax: Shows Gm's Online

.help [Command]
Syntax: Shows Help for the selected Command.

Syntax: Saves Character.

Syntax: Teleports To Where Your Hearthstone Is Set.

.announce [message]
Syntax: Broadcast a System Wide Message Viewed By All Players.

Syntax: Turn Gm Visibilty Off. Players And Mobs Can Now Attack You.

Syntax: Turn Gm Visibilty On. Players And Mobs Cant Attack You.
You Are Now Visible In .Gmlist

.goname [Char Name]
Syntax: Teleport Staright To The Selected Player.

.namego [Char Name]
Syntax: Teleport The Selected Player To You.

Syntax: Display the position information for a selected character or creature.
Position information includes X, Y, Z, and orientation, map Id and zone Id

.learnsk [Skill ID]
Syntax: Learns a skill for the selected player ingame.

.lookuptele [Location]
Syntax: Looks up the coordinates for the location selected.

.modify [Hp|Energy|Mana|Rage]
Syntax: Modify the selected players Hp, Energy, Mana, Rage.

.modify [Speed|Swim|Scale|
Syntax: Modify speed and swim rate from scale 0-10.
Modify Scale (Size) For Selected player from scale 0.01-3.

.money [# Amount]
Syntax: Give Money In Copper To Selected Player

Syntax: Teleport Playername or selected player to the place where he has been before last use of a teleportation command.
If no Playername is entered and no player is selected, it will teleport you.

Syntax: Saves All Players In Game

.Visible [0 or 1]
Syntax: Output current visibility state or make GM visible(1) and invisible(0) for other players.

.addmove [#creature_guid] {#waittime}
Syntax: Add your current location as a waypoint for creature with guid #creature_guid. And optional add wait time.

.addspw [Creature I.D]
Syntax: Spawns Creature To The Location You Are Standing.

.changelevel [0-73]
Syntax: Changes level of Selected Mob Or NPC.

Syntax: Delete Selected Creature From World

Syntax: Delete gameobject with gameobject guid.

Syntax: .delticket [all]
.delticket [#num]
.delticket [character name]
[all] to delete all tickets at server, [character name] to delete ticket of this character, [#num] to delete ticket [#num].

Syntax: Demorph Selected Player

Syntax: Change the model id of the selected creature to

Syntax: Teleport your character to creature with guid

.kick [Char Name]
Syntax: Kick Char name of the server.

.pinfo [Char Name]
Syntax: Get Info on char's Account

Syntax: Teleports You To Programmer Island

.spawndist #dist
Syntax: Adjust spawndistance of selected creature to dist.

Syntax: Locate the nearst game object.

.ticket [on|off]
Syntax: [on] Show new tickets, [off] Dont show new tickets.

.addgo [Game Object #I.D]
Syntax. Add a game object from game object templates to the world at your current location using the #I.D.

.additem [Item #I.D] [#amount]
Syntax: Add a item from items template to your bag or selected players bag. Also Add Amount #

.additemset [#itemsetid]
Syntax: Add items from itemset of id #itemsetid to your or selected character inventory.
Will add by one example each item from itemset.

Syntax: Enable or Disable Movement For Each Creature

Syntax: Show your bank

.banaccount [Account Name]
Syntax: Ban account name (can be viewed by players by using the .pinfo command) and kick affected players currently logged in.

.banip [#ip]
Syntax: Bans logging into the server from computers with the provided IP address, and kicks all affected players.

.createguild [Guild Name] [Guild Leader Char Name]
Syntax: Create a guild named Guild Name with the player Guild Leader Char Name as leader. ~

Syntax: Cancels Shutdown

Syntax: Does What it Says.

.gameobject [#I.D]
Syntax: Add a game object from game object templates to the world at your current position using the [#I.D]

.go [#position_x #position_y #position_z #mapid]
Syntax: Teleport to the given coordinates on the specified map.

Syntax: Hover Your Character

.idleshutdown [#delay|cancel]
Syntax: Shut the server down after #delay seconds if no active connections are present (no players) or cancel the shutdown if cancel value is used.

Syntax: .learn all
.learn all_myclass
.learn all_lang
All learns all spells for gm's, all_myclass learns all spells for your class, all_lang learns all languages.

.levelup [1-69]
Syntax: Level Up Your Char With Selected #. To Down levels: .levelup -#

.lookupcreature [name of creature]
Syntax: Looks up a creature by nameofcreature, and returns all matches with their creature ID's.

.lookupitem [item name]
Syntax: Looks up an item by Item name, and returns all matches with their Item ID's.

.lookupobject [object name]
Syntax: Looks up an gameobject by object name, and returns all matches with their Gameobject ID's.

.lookupskill [name]
Syntax: Looks up a skill by name, and returns all matches with their skill ID's.

.lookupspell name
Syntax: Looks up a spell by name, and returns all matches with their spell ID's.

Syntax: Max's All Skills You Have Learned.

.morph [#display I.D]
Syntax: Change your current model id to #display I.D.

Syntax: Respawns All Dead And Alive NPC's, Mobs

Syntax: Revives Selected Player (Brings Back to Life)

.shutdown #seconds
Syntax: Shutdown server

.Security [Player name] [#level]
Syntax: Set the security level of player Player name to a level of #level.
#level may range from 0 to 4.

.wchange [#weathertype] [#status]
Syntax: Set current weather to #weathertype with an intensity of #status.
#weathertype can be 1 for rain, 2 for snow, and 3 for sand. #status can be 0 for disabled, and 1 for enabled.

.flymode [on|off]
Syntax: Lets You fly In mid air, to enable type on or to disable type off.
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Game Master Commands for Mangos
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